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(Lietuvių) 2007 m., Nr. 2(32)

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(Lietuvių) 2007 m., Nr. 3(33)

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(Lietuvių) 2007 m., Nr. 4(34)

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Vol. 12, 2008, 1(35)

CONTENTS Review Articles Can generics be used as substitutions for brand antiepileptic drugs? Mameniškienė R. Neurologijos seminarai 2008; 12(35): 5-10. [pdf] Satellite cells: between reality and opportunities Sakalauskaitė E. Neurologijos seminarai 2008; 12(35): 11-15. [pdf] Treatment of malignant multiple sclerosis...

Vol. 12, 2008, 2(36)

CONTENTS Review Articles Consciousness and cognitive disorders Kaubrys G. Neurologijos seminarai 2008; 12(36): 67-72. [pdf] Facing the malignant middle cerebral artery syndrome Vilionskis A., Ročka S., Slautaitė I., Urbelis I. Neurologijos seminarai 2008; 12(36): 73-81. [pdf] Original Research Reliability and...

Vol. 12, 2008, 3(37)

CONTENTS Review Articles Benign multiple sclerosis: myth or reality? (based on clinical trials data) Liutkienė J., Budrys V., Kizlaitienė R. Neurologijos seminarai 2008; 12(37): 125-129. [pdf] Quality of life of persons with spinal cord injury and factors influencing it Juocevičius...

Vol. 12, 2008, 4(38)

CONTENTS Review Articles Cognitive, affective and psychotic disorders in multiple sclerosis Kizlaitienė R., Budrys V., Kaubrys G., Danilevičiūtė V. Neurologijos seminarai 2008; 12(38): 189-198. [pdf] Original Research Situation and problems of child abuse in Lithuania Labanauskienė J., Siaurusaitis B. Neurologijos...